Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nov Update

Mech for breaching and support/intimidation in urban environments [fleshed out the design sheet some more] and a sketch page from a few weeks ago, some of the elements I was messing with made it into the above design in the end. The club idea and head shape were inspired by the mantis shrimp and I imagine the clubs could have other applications outside of combat.

next time I think i'd spend longer on subsystems and stuff like that, but I could really just keep working on it, so its time to move onto something else!


  1. Awesome. its rare to see such originality in mech-designs nowadays. Your work always seems so practical. Do you study mechanical engineering or real world mechanical systems at all?

    1. Thanks for the comment Justin - I dont study engineering but try to reference systems / mechanisms where I can [and something i need to keep practicing too!] both from animals / machines. Cool moleskins on your blog!